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Ibiza has two sides. On the one hand, it is known for its high tourist trade (more than 2 million tourists every year) many returning frequently for the night life, on the other is the other more secret, wild, virgin, Ibiza.

The beauty of its landscapes combined with a lifetime of customs and ancestral beliefs. The island is formed of two hilly ranges of chalky clay with rounded and cropped peaks.

In the south of San José, is Sa Talaia (the highest point on the island) with a height of 476 metres. Between the two hilly ranges is a hollow plain of red clay which crosses the island from the bay of San Antonio in the west, towards Cala San Vicente in the north east. In the southern part of the island, since ancient times a plain has been transformed in Salinas (salt flats). The cropped, rocky coast has numerous coves of exceptional beauty which can only be reached by boat.

Mapa de Baleares


Ibiza (Eivissa) population 85.740


38°54N — 1°25 E


572 km², 40 km x 20 km.


Ibiza is part of the archipelago of the Balearics, with Menorca, Mallorca and Formentera. It is the most eastern of the archipelago.


Ibiza is known for its warm climate. During the summer the temperature is around 30ºC and the sea water is around 25ºC. There is a very pleasant, mild, refreshing breeze. The temperature during the spring and autumn months is around 16 - 21ºC and during the winter months around 14ºC.

Fauna and flora

Ibiza is an island which is covered in trees. Pine trees, almond trees, orange and lemon trees are typical and offer according to the season, wonderful landscapes. In the south the nature reserve park Salinas is home to many birds: wild ducks, herons and flamingos. The aquatic fauna, birds of prey and reptiles also bear witness to the exceptional natural diversity.

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Civil Defense

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Red Cross

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971 301 212


902 400 500 www.iberia.com

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