SunMarine Ibiza - Boats and yachts for sale in Ibiza

Yachts and boats for sale in Ibiza

Yachts and boats
for sale in Ibiza

SunMarine Ibiza was created by Nicolas Piette in 1997, his legal training associated with his knowledge of Spain and Ibiza in particular, allowed him to develop a global approach to yacht management. The rental activity carried out over all these years has enabled it to acquire technical expertise. He himself monitors the maintenance carried out on the yachts and boats he manages, which allows him to know them perfectly and thus to sell them when the owners wish to change units. He has also been working for all these years in close collaboration with an expertise firm in Palma.

Nicolas also ensures with his team the administrative follow-up and the setting up of the legal structure so that the new owner is freed from this complicated aspect. He chooses the best professionals for technical monitoring and negotiates the best rates.

He also manages mooring management, crew recruitment and monitoring, and of course rental management.

SunMarine offers private clients expertise based on impartiality, a network of professional partners specializing in the sale of luxury units and discretion. Each owner is unique, finding the boat of their dreams is not the most difficult thing to achieve in a competitive market, what is more complicated, however, is to do everything so that the dream and the pleasure last.

See you soon in Ibiza.


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